Friday, June 17, 2005

Personal Knowledge Management - the use of webfolders

Useful tidbit of information: Webfolders

I hardly know anybody who is using webfolders on their desktops. Here is some information that may convince people to give it a try.

Webfolders are really useful. Within a Windows environment (starting at windows 2000), one can setup a webfolder by adding a new network place (I won't explain the details here, but please visit, passcode: insightfor more information).

Once setup, a webfolder behaves like a regular folder. One can browse, work with files, and the likes.

BUT really helpful is a webfolder when working with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Both programs allow to open and save documents into such a webfolder. This means one can create, share and edit documents in place over the internet. It will ask for login/password if security is applied to the folder. Using the building versioning of the office suites, this is great for sharing documents.

Now it gets a little bit more techincal - for those who are interested to host their own webfolders (like your home computer).

Needed on the (server) receiving side is a webdav compliant webserver. Zope is an easy and powerful way of getting this setup. Apache allows this fucntion too, but needs more configuration work. Please feel free to contact me for consult you on the setup and use of a zope server.

A side effect of this setup is that everything is http based and does not create any problems with a firewall.

Don't hesitate to contact me for questions: and use LIVEHELP.

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