Thursday, June 23, 2005

Where are the big shots in KM ?

Interesting discussion the current state of the KM profession going on at Denham Grey's Weblog.

Check it out at:

Where have all the KM experts gone ? (played to the tunes of a sixties song..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Upcoming event: Personal Knowledge Management with TikiWiki

InsightKnowledge will be announcing an interesting event shortly - utilizing the open source CMS Tikiwiki as a Personal Knowledge Management tool.

This free offering will allow you to learn the basics of how to use Tikiwiki as an efficient tool to capture, manage and share knowledge easily.

Further details will be announce shortly. Watch here for updates, or goto and check the calendar for events.

Please feel free to discuss the topic of 'Personal Knowledge Management' (PKM) at's PKM forum.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Knowledge Tidbit: Windows Indexing Service

For those of you that use the MS Indexing Service as a search engine on your home computer, know this:
-the service can query connected network computers, if the UNC option in the search paths are pointeding to them (\\computername), instantly creating a network search service.
-by using a '!' in front of a query in your regular startbutton/search function it will utilize the indexing service pre-indexed database - causing the searches to be really quick.
-you could also just download goodle's desktop search and its plugins to do the same. while this is great, it also creates large index files (for those who have storage issues).

If you have any questions about knowledge retrievel, please contact me at via LIVEHELP

Personal Knowledge Management - the use of webfolders

Useful tidbit of information: Webfolders

I hardly know anybody who is using webfolders on their desktops. Here is some information that may convince people to give it a try.

Webfolders are really useful. Within a Windows environment (starting at windows 2000), one can setup a webfolder by adding a new network place (I won't explain the details here, but please visit, passcode: insightfor more information).

Once setup, a webfolder behaves like a regular folder. One can browse, work with files, and the likes.

BUT really helpful is a webfolder when working with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Both programs allow to open and save documents into such a webfolder. This means one can create, share and edit documents in place over the internet. It will ask for login/password if security is applied to the folder. Using the building versioning of the office suites, this is great for sharing documents.

Now it gets a little bit more techincal - for those who are interested to host their own webfolders (like your home computer).

Needed on the (server) receiving side is a webdav compliant webserver. Zope is an easy and powerful way of getting this setup. Apache allows this fucntion too, but needs more configuration work. Please feel free to contact me for consult you on the setup and use of a zope server.

A side effect of this setup is that everything is http based and does not create any problems with a firewall.

Don't hesitate to contact me for questions: and use LIVEHELP.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

KM Training and Certification Review Forum

InsightKnowlege Inc. is making a forum available to gather and discuss the different offerings of Knowledge Management trainings and certifications.

Please visit
InsightKnowledge Inc.
forums to review or participate

Passcode for registration: insight

Fewer students major in computer - USA TODAY 5/23/5

Why am I mentioning this article you ask ?

Knowledge Management really utilizes computers to make the masses of data, information and potential for knowledge manageable.

If you don't believe this - ask yourself: Who does research without GOOGLE nowadays ?

Computers are like weapons and nuclear science. They can be used for good and bad. With the purpose of automation, safety and cost-cutting measures, they take on more and more functionality.

Knowing that fewer and fewer people will know how to 'tame the beast', should get us thinking.

Some will say, (specifically potential students): "but the market crashed and the future is not certain".

It will be important to understand that while these uncertainies do exist, flexibility in the area of computers is essential. Computer systems, architecturs, programs and programming languages are changing faster and faster.

There may not be a straightforward answer, but a criteria for a successful future will need to include that the general understanding of computers, their impact on everybodies daily life and the responsibility of using and not misusing them, will need to increase dramatically.

If you would like to discuss this topic further, please visit http://www.insightknowledge and the 'Learning from Experience' forum.

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America's Eroding Knowledge Edge - Posting on Yahoo News


Congratulations Mike Ruettgers !

I wholeheartedly agree with your article on the erosion of knowledge in America.

If one takes an objective look at the state of education across the states..

If one looks at the statistics of the skill levels of the nations youth..

one must start thinking: We may be overrun by other countries, who invest more in managing their knowledge and experience.

India is investing heavily in Knowledge Management. Discussion groups and forums are filled with indian experts and those who soon will become expert.

The world is continouing to outsource business processes. One can argue that we don?t outsource the knowledge that goes with it. But if one does not perform a process any longer, how can one gather experience from it?

It will be essential to find ways to turn this trend around.

Possible action may include:
-teach children conceptual thinking and problem solving, not only facts
-teach consequential thinking and impact analysis
-promote sharing of knowledge as the new way of being a hero
-guide business to create knowledge management solutions for outsourcing that bring the experience back to the employees
-.. and others

Please feel free to visit >Sharing Insight< Forum

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Collaboration for Online Networking Groups now available at InsightKnowledge Inc.

InsightKnowledge Inc. just opened the doors for their new service that enables online networking groups with a place to collaborate.

Additionally to similar tools, >Sharing Insight< allows the secure participation in multiple networks simultaniously and enhances the capabilities of individuals and groups to share information specifically with other individuals and/or groups - effectively creating a Personal Knowledge Management tool to capture and share knowledge as one would offline.

InsightKnowledge Inc. also started offering knowledge subscription services, bringing quality Knowledge Management information to specific business audiences on a subscription basis, allowing them to tap into Knowledge Management expertise and utilize it for their business.

For more information, please visit