Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday, February 20, 2006

South Koreas buying into Knowledge Management

Asian companies and governments (!), here specially South Korea, are buying into and building out Knowledge Management solutions. The Korea Herald (subscription required) just posted an article that "a knowledge management system was also introduced to create and share knowledge between members of the Ministries and Agencies..". Homeland Security, please listen. Gurteen found some interesting cross-relationship (click here)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Whats hot on the Internet ? -> TechnoCrati Tags

The Internet is the communication tool of the present and future. To find out what is going on in the world in as close to real time as possible - this is the media. Checkout Technocrati Tags

Social Networking everywhere - even on the plane

Well, I have to admit - it is an idea overdue - social networking on the plane. Myself being from Europe and traveling there at least once a year, always have to look forward to around 9 hours of sitting, watching, eating, more watching and more sitting. With a little luck there is somebody sitting next to you, you can talk to, but with a little less luck that person sits 5 rows away.

Now with social networking on the plane, I would be able to connect to people anywhere on the plane I want to connect to. Hmm, sounds good. I'll give it a try and report on it.

To check it out yourself: http://www.airtroductions.com/Anonymous/Login.aspx

Monday, February 13, 2006

Accenture presents: Knowledge Management in the Asia-Pacific region

Please join the KM Chicago group on Tuesday, February 14th, 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Allstate location in Northbrook, IL - South Plaza, G Auditorium for a presentation by

Tanya Brincat and Myrna Binamira, Accenture

Knowledge Management in the Asia-Pacific region

Scarcely a day goes by when we do not hear about the current and future economic impact of China and various other countries from the Asia Pacific region. Accenture has had a knowledge management presence in Asia since the mid 1990s. Two key people from their respective operating groups will discuss the evolving role of knowledge management at Accenture and their roles in developing and delivering knowledge services in Asia and around the world. Both of these women have been associated with knowledge management at Accenture for more than a decade. They have served their operating groups very ably during that time and have made many contributions to the global knowledge management efforts at Accenture. They and their respective teams have contributed to millions of dollars in consulting revenues over the past few years. Living and working in Asia they have a unique perspective on the cultural, language and technology barriers encountered by consultants in the region. Come get an Asia Pacific view of the successes, challenges, and evolving approaches that are faced by a global organization trying to deliver knowledge management services.

Tanya Brincat (Financial Services Knowledge Management, Accenture)
Tanya Brincat has been involved in Knowledge Management since its inception at Accenture in 1992. She was seconded to Accenture's WHQ in Chicago in October 1992 where she spent 4 years working on the design, development and rollout of the core suite of databases to be made available on Accenture?s knowledge management system, the Knowledge XchangeTM.
Since 1996 Tanya has served as a Knowledge Manager for the Financial Services Operating Group (Financial Services is one of the largest industry groups in Accenture with 12,000+ practice personnel globally; $3.4bn revenues in FY2005). After spending one year with the Financial Services Knowledge Management team in New York, Tanya returned to her native Australia where she currently serves as the Financial Services Knowledge Management lead for Asia Pacific (responsible for the provision of knowledge equipping and knowledge harvesting services to the FS practice in Asia Pacific) and the Global Head of Banking Knowledge Management (responsible for managing all Banking related knowledge capital on Accenture?s Knowledge XchangeTM and for developing all internal Banking communications).
Prior to her Knowledge Management assignment at Accenture Tanya spent 4 years as a Management Consultant in Accenture's Change Management practice, where she specialized in instructional design. Tanya holds a Bachelor of Behavioral Science from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia).

Myrna A. Binamira (Director, Government Knowledge Network, Accenture)
Myrna A. Binamira joined Accenture in 1995. Prior to that she was working for the Philippine Government and served for almost 18 years, the last 7 of which was as the CIO for the Department of Agriculture. As the CIO, she was in charge of the Department's IT and IS Program nationwide, and headed the Department's Computer Center. After that Government stint, she joined a private systems integrator company where she found herself selling Microsoft and Lotus Notes software. Sales turned out to be not her cup of tea so after a year of doing that, she went back to job searching and found this ad for Andersen Consulting.
They were looking for a Director for their Government Knowledge Center. Needless to say, she got the job and had to start the organization from scratch. That was the most challenging job yet ever she had to face, but definitely also the most rewarding. Not very many people can actually single-handedly choose the people who will work for them. She has since then managed the KM Program of the Government Operating Group of Accenture and continues to do it with the same passion as when she started.

Tanya Brincat and Myrna Binamira will join us via webinar.

For those connecting from afar:
Audio: 877-393-3363, 19494780 ? Webinar: http://www.placeware.com/cc/factiva/join?id=alee&role=attend.

All are welcome. Please feel free to forward this note to anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

See http://www.kmchicago.blogspot.com for more details.

Please note that the KM Chicago meetings are regularly scheduled for the second Tuesday each month.
Looking forward to seeing you there,

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Productivity tool experience - Klipfarm

To all of you that like to get their news continously, try out http://www.klipfarm.com.

This neat little tool for winXP installs quick and without problems. It is not too big, looks nice and does a great job with providing the maximum amount of information on the smallest space possible.

Each channel (klip) that is being setup (hundreds to choose from) minimize to the size you define (icon is my favorite) and pop open to show a headline once you hover over it with the mouse.

Klipfarm allows you to setup alarms for certain keywords that will make a small notification window popup at the bottom right.

Please feel free to discuss your opinion and experiences with Klipfarm and/or other productivity tools at the productivity tools forum on InsightKnowledge.com