Friday, May 10, 2013

Gamification and Knowledge Management

Gamification provides a roadmap to foster people engaging in the means of knowledge capturing, sharing and re-use. The idea is that gamification makes it more enticing to capture knowledge to gain rewards, share knowledge to collect badges, and re-use knowledge to achieve other trophies (or any combination there-of) .It also fosters more engagement in related area like online learning.

Two challenges to consider

Gamification of Life (Jul '11)

Gamification of Life (Jul ’11) (Photo credit: VFS Digital Design)

1. Playing games is not an ongoing thing. People play when they feel like it. A good game keeps you interested, but that only goes so far.

2. There are lessons to be learned from the past of reward and recognition programs. Points, rewards, badges are not enough for long-term engagement. It still comes down to understanding, embracing and engaging on a purpose-level or professional/work related relevance”2″%3B%7D/K04294_Gamification in KM-overview.pdf.

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Gamification and Knowledge Management