Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KMWorld2008 sharepoint as a collaboration tool

Michael Sampson put together a compelling case of the more in detail weaknesses of Sharepoint. He concludes that Sharepoint is great for sharing documents, but lots of other capabilities dont go all the way to being more useful, than disappointing. Consolidation of calendaring between outlook, sharepoint and windows mobile being one example. Here is his blog, including comments on this conference
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KMWorld2008 James Robertson about collaboration and publishing

James Robertson from StepTwoDesign makes a good point (with a strong australian accent :-) ) about the use of a groups/department/projects use of a collaboration environment (could be sharepoint) in two different ways:
1. the use as a 'shop' front-end (publishing like) for information to share with others outside the group
2. the use of a 'workshop' back-bone (collaboration like) for information to work on and change within the group.

Interesting approach that is worth further investigation. Metadata is a very critical component of it all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

kmworld08 susan hanley on sharepoint

Susan is doing an entertaining and interesting job describing important thoughts, lessons learned and non-technical facts around sharepoint and making it succesfull.

Kmworld08 business process and km integration

It may have been easier for him in hebrew, but yair dembinsky from byonit solutions made a good point: for km to be more than a nice wallpaper, it needs to be embedded in the organizations core processes.. Even if that means to have to find intra political ways to make it happen. Strong message. Right on

kmworld08 leading practices

The cathlic health initiatives organization gave a great presentation on their approach to get, use and measure best/leading practices. Definitely worth digging deeper.

kmworld08 accenture on km roi

Interesting. Accenture went to simplify km roi to time savings only. Works for consulting where time is money. They do have a god metrics model that reaches from availability to usage and impact.

kmworld08 opening keynote

John kao gave a great.. And scary. Speech on the state of innovation here and around the world. I will checkout for more information

Monday, September 22, 2008

kmworld2008 sharepoint and km session

interesting workshop. very interactive, high level. leson learned - lots of organizations are looking to use sharepoint, all challenged by the same questions.. how do i do it right. how do i implement.. and keep it successful.

kmworld2008 1st day workshop on dynamic

pretty interesting session about dynamic content creation, mgmt and consumption. metadata is very important. ann rockley from rockley group is doimg a good job.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

Interesting use of new communication capabilities for Health and Wellness purposes:

using Twitter to support and inspire one another to improve our wellness, whether it be through diet, exercise or even spiritual health."

Pretty good idea to use your social connection to help you achieve a specific goal. Motivation and the feeling of not fighting the pounds all by yourselve may just be making the important difference. Definitely different approach from Nintendo's WiiFit :-).

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