Friday, July 24, 2009

Watch out Windows XP/Vista/7 !

gOS Rocket E desktop

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I have been a Microsoft Windows user for the longest time. Part out of satisfaction (that it does a good (not perfect) job at what it is doing), necessity (it came with the PC I bought and was not an additional cost) and convenience (it was there, installed, ready to go (at home and work)). BUT, there were the issues of usage – crashes, slowness, incompatibilities, restrictions – which a lot of others may have experienced in different ways.

I have been experimenting with Linux LiveCDs for a while, and seem to have finally found one that fulfills satisfaction, necessity and convenience without any cost – gOS from I downloaded the ISO file, burned it on CD, rebooted and within 30minutes was up and running. gOS booted pretty quickly, the install took care of all the resizing and partitioning, and restarted the computer in a very responsive and visually appealling new environment with all the relevant software installed (Firefox, OpenOffice, etc.). I did this for the desktop and the laptop and in both cases it went very smooth.

I can highly recommend gOS.

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