Monday, November 21, 2005

InsightKnowledge Inc.'s Contributions to WikiPedia

My contributions to WikiPedia:
-adding my $.02 to Knowledge Management
-working the page: Organizational Intelligence
-working the page: Organizational Competencies
Please feel free to check them out

MMORGs as business tools ?

Just read an article on a presentation at the latest KMWorld in San Jose in November 05 about the link between a game (world of warwind, i think).

This article discusses how a MMORG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) could be usable in a business environment. It discusses the behaviours people show in those games and how they apply/are similar to real world behaviour.

I think that a MMORG that reflects a business environment would be interesting. It could serve the purpose of virtual meetings (documents/presentations could be shown online, in vitual meeting rooms, people represented by avatars, the document actually visible), for getting to know people (virtual watercooler, virtual dating, etc.), or even virtual training sessions.

I think the problems with this environment for business is that people perceive it as play without consequences. If a MMORG would be applied to real world problems, there would be real consequences.

Watch out - Google Base is coming

Check it out - Google started its Base service. A search engine that searches through any kind of listing that anybody uploads. Blogs are talking about its potential to impact auction websites (like ebay) or even payment services (like paypal, if google offers a payment service (rumor: checkout google earths payment interface)):

Job postings for KM on InsightKnowledge Inc.

BEWARE - this is a case of shameless self-promotion ! If you don't like it do NOT read on.

InsightKnowledge Inc. to the best of its capabilities is linking to KM job posting whereever it can find them. If you are looking for one place to look for Knowledge Management job postings/offerings, this may be it.

You do have to register for free, but that's it for the basic personal Knowledge Management functionality. If you wish to expand into group knowledge networks, its only $5/month a network for a knowledge subscription.

That's it - now I am done (for a while) :-).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not new but cool: Peer News Publishing

I would like to draw your attention to something that I think has a great potential to make an impact on the collection, delivery and consumption of news. I am talking about the likes of and, websites that allow everybody to submit news stories, or as a matter of fact anything, but that has a process build in, by which peers vote on which article/news will get to the front page.

Not controlled by the media, I believe this has the potential to bring the news back to the people. People know first what is going on, there would not be any filtering, its a democratic process by which something gets published.

Worth keeping an eye on and setting up an RSS feed !

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Today I ran into an article in the november issue of Baseline (here). He posted an interesting calculation for determining the value of Knowledge for a company. While I do not completely agree, it is definitely important to discuss and think about. Please find his bio here, and his blog here. Worth checking out.

Cool: Vote on future innovations

Microsoft is sponsoring an event where one can vote on what you want to see innovated in the future. Pretty cool:

Friday, November 11, 2005

Report: Federal spending on info sharing (KM) to rise

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Federal spending on information-sharing and communication technology will rise by a third over the next five years, government market analysts INPUT said.

The article points out the Army's KM efforts as a good example. Can federal information sharing finally get its act together ? That will not depend on the technology spendings, but on the change of culture ! Washington, watch out not to waste money here. Cultural change is the toughest part of a successful KM solution.

Report on what companies will invest in related to KM tools

AMR did some research and put together a report about what companies will invest in (next 12 months) in terms of KM tools. Interesting, but not surprising.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Brand whooping new - Web-based Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging Tool: MEEBO

Meebo ( allows you to log into MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and Gtalk using a web-based interface. You will not have all the features available that a full client provides, but for use with installing any software and experiencing any firewall issues - Meebo is the current tool of choice to stay connected !

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

KM Standards are for sale

SAIS Global is selling KM standards developed in Australia on their website for in between $85 and $126 (dont know if australian or US dollars):

Will this be a wake-up call for the profession of KM where everyone is their own standard ? Will this bring the OZ KM movement to the frontline of the profession ?

Doubtfully. ANSI or IEEE are well known standardization committees and until the australian KM standards pass that hurdle, it may only have limited success.

Doubtlessly, I think that it shows the need of the profession and the industry for standards, for something common that people can learn, understand and apply without taking $$$thousands of dollars of proprietary training and certification courses. PUBLIC standards will allow the market to grow faster, learn faster and build stronger and consistent offerings than what currently is available.

If you feel like discussion this issue, please leave a note or visit and register for free. Once approved you will be able to access the KM forums.

Knowledge Management on Wikipedia

InsightKnowledge Inc. is now supporting the editing of the topic 'Knowledge Management' on Wikipedia, so that visitors can rely on the quality of the information provided.