Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fewer students major in computer - USA TODAY 5/23/5

Why am I mentioning this article you ask ?

Knowledge Management really utilizes computers to make the masses of data, information and potential for knowledge manageable.

If you don't believe this - ask yourself: Who does research without GOOGLE nowadays ?

Computers are like weapons and nuclear science. They can be used for good and bad. With the purpose of automation, safety and cost-cutting measures, they take on more and more functionality.

Knowing that fewer and fewer people will know how to 'tame the beast', should get us thinking.

Some will say, (specifically potential students): "but the market crashed and the future is not certain".

It will be important to understand that while these uncertainies do exist, flexibility in the area of computers is essential. Computer systems, architecturs, programs and programming languages are changing faster and faster.

There may not be a straightforward answer, but a criteria for a successful future will need to include that the general understanding of computers, their impact on everybodies daily life and the responsibility of using and not misusing them, will need to increase dramatically.

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