Wednesday, June 01, 2005

America's Eroding Knowledge Edge - Posting on Yahoo News


Congratulations Mike Ruettgers !

I wholeheartedly agree with your article on the erosion of knowledge in America.

If one takes an objective look at the state of education across the states..

If one looks at the statistics of the skill levels of the nations youth..

one must start thinking: We may be overrun by other countries, who invest more in managing their knowledge and experience.

India is investing heavily in Knowledge Management. Discussion groups and forums are filled with indian experts and those who soon will become expert.

The world is continouing to outsource business processes. One can argue that we don?t outsource the knowledge that goes with it. But if one does not perform a process any longer, how can one gather experience from it?

It will be essential to find ways to turn this trend around.

Possible action may include:
-teach children conceptual thinking and problem solving, not only facts
-teach consequential thinking and impact analysis
-promote sharing of knowledge as the new way of being a hero
-guide business to create knowledge management solutions for outsourcing that bring the experience back to the employees
-.. and others

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