Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Thoughts on...
Knowledge Management and email chain letters

On the one side it is really nice that people send me all those emails that will make me happy, rich, sexy, horny, and whatever else if I forward this email to a gazillion more people via email.

On the other side it is a REALLY bad example of knowledge sharing. First you would think - well, no it is perfect knowledge sharing.. I share something for your benefit !. But that is not true. Knowledge is something that is experienced, information put into action. If you personally experienced that Microsoft pays every email recipient money (very popular hoax), than that is Knowledge created and I will definitely not mind that you send me that email sharing your personal knowledge. BUT YOU DONT KNOW. You have not experienced what it says in the chain letter. So PLEASE STOP SENDING EMAILS THAT YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY CONFIRMED AND EXPERIENCED !!!

Sorry - it needed to be said.
I am stepping down from the chair now :-).
as always - my $.02

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