Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Knowledge Dude is here again....

sorry times have been busy. Knowledge Management is again gaining momentum.

There are new 'personal knowledge management tools' that are really helpful. Check these out:

tool: Google News Alerts
link: http://www.google.com/newsalerts?hl=en
what it does: it send you an email with new links based on the
keywords you entered in the news alert
result: very satisfactory.. my alert on KM is really helpful

too: Kartoo Search Engine
link: http://www.kartoo.com
what is does: it is a concept map based meta search engine. it
represents the results in form of a concept-map
that links the results together by keywords. it also
searches multiple search engines
result: most excellent.. wonderful for researching
something you dont know much about.. clicking on
keywords in the results refines your search.. you
can save a search.. visually supportive

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