Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wikipedia - the crowdsourced 'truth' of things ?

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Wikipedia is a great reference for quickly looking up anything. This has been my experience so far. Be it a city, a software, really anything – I typically was able to find something that got me started in my search of understanding more about the topic in question.

With the caveat that I understood that I can not fully rely on information on Wikipedia to be 100$ true and verified. It has been created by people like you and me, and then added or changed over time.

A legal court in Germany has now ruled that Wikipedia is legally responsible for some disputed content. It is NOT that Wikipedia now has to confirm and verify everything. But if something is disputed to be wrong, they’ll have to look into it.

Bummer for Wikipedia ? Bummer for open source referencing ? I think the effect benefits the end-user. There have been circumstances where I ran into some things that I knew to be not accurate ( :-) ) on Wikipedia. Now there is a process to correct that. A step towards making Wikipedia more reliable.

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Wikipedia - the crowdsourced 'truth' of things ?

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