Monday, November 18, 2013

Gen-X, Gen-Y and Gen-Z & Social usiness

Tibbr, one of the business social network solution vendor, keeps posting interesting articles on the cultural and social aspects of online social interation.

This article talkes about the different perspectives of three different generations: X, Y and Z (aka Millenials).

Key take-aways from this article on the benefits each generation can have from engaging online:

  • Gen X
    • More visibility

    • Wider range to motivate, empower and recognize

  • Gen Y
    • Effective collaboration with distributed teams

    • Easier knowledge sharing

  • Gen Z
    • Easier to brainstorm with others and gather a wide range of feedback

    • Easier to connect with experienced subject matter experts

Gen-X, Gen-Y and Gen-Z & Social usiness

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