Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yammer tour in chicago

Keynote of Yammer tour in Chicago is starting. Adam Pisoni, CTO and CoFounder of Yammer is highlighting the reason for purchase and integration with Microsoft. He is interested and wants to talk about ‘disruption’. SVP business software solutions is talking next about the information revolution based on an IDC 2013 report.

He is talking about four forces of industry transformation. cloud, mobility, big data/analytics and social business – as of today.

Sensing and responding is the new business model, instead of creating a product and selling it.

Social business is here and here to stay. see slide above.

Adam is now talking about Tower Records and Napster and ITunes, how the later two disrupted Tower Records 1 billiion dollar business.


The pace of change is accelerating. The faster we connect, the faster we change. The lifecycle of disruptive technologies is now below 5 years, impacting everybody in some way.


The more efficient we get, the less adaptable we become. Disruption is about someone else figures out how to provide the value you are providing better than you.


Capatilize on disruption: Align (on common goals and value you provide), organize (conways law – companies create products and services that represent the way they communicate internally), empower (employees to innovae on how they provide value), adapt (kaizen, constant improvement).

NAB (australian bank) has YamJams about discussing a particular problem and innovate a solution.


Deconstruct and reconstruct your business virtually on a regular basis to always build the best company possible.

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Yammer tour in chicago

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