Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A new era has started - by batteries

“Battery technology has improved over the past decade, but now scientists claim they have made a giant leap in power storage, giving lithium-ion batteries 30 times more power and the ability to recharge 1,000 times faster “than competing technologies.” This is a battery breakthrough that could change the world — it’s “a whole new way to think about batteries,” according to its creators”

Imagine a battery so powerful, that it can jumpstart your car. Imagine your smartphone to work day and night for a whole month. That is what the near future could bring, if this new kind of batteries will become available soon. Best of all – if its empty – it could recharge within minutes.

DOW KOKAM Lithium Ion batteries

DOW KOKAM Lithium Ion batteries (Photo credit: amcgore)

Imagine the implications for electric cars, for the availability of electricity in the developing world. Is it unfair to say, this could change the world. We’ll see.

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A new era has started - by batteries

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