Monday, February 18, 2013

Knowledge Management is still a good thing !

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Experts are talking at the Gilbane Boston 2012 Conference and again conclude – humans are center of any solid Knowledge Management strategy.

From modern world ‘ancient’ perspectives that websites and databases are knowledge, it seems that the understanding that it is all about our experience in life and at work, that is at the core of Knowledge Management.

“A decade ago [..] People thought IT was how you managed knowledge.”

Computers can make our life easier. Mobile phones also. Though they are all just transport mechanism to connect people to each other, access generic information on one side, enabling dynamic dialogue on the other.

“Interestingly, preliminary results from a survey Chait and Moulton are conducting with businesses running knowledge management initiatives show that IT is considered the least important skill for knowledge management leaders. Deep business knowledge is considered most important, followed by excellent communication skills and trust from others.” – is another conclusion of the experts on this conference.

“in knowledge management, users are drivers of action and IT provides response to let the action happen.” – Well, as a project manager – try to make a project plan for that. As a department head, try to budget that for next year. The point here – Knowledge Management is not an add-on to an organizations IT capabilities – it is the arteries and the veins of an organizations brain.

If interested, read the whole article in this CMS Wire issue.

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Knowledge Management is still a good thing !

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