Tuesday, December 06, 2005

McKinsey recommends that new organizational structures will set the knowledge workers free

McKinsey has published an article (for which you have to register for free to view it), that talks about the need for companies to break away from traditional organizational structures to allow productive professionals / knowledge workers to improve their company's competitiveness.

The future of organizational performance - and that is where fact stops and my believe begins - is in the enablement of team and networks. Enable project teams to efficiently communicate and collaborate - and they will succeed; enable networks to form and adapt and structure themselves to the purpose and goal given - and they will be ideally prepared to succeed.

Power teams, organizational networking, business network analysis - keywords for things that are waiting to happen.

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ideal13 said...

I develop universal organization structure for the consulting firms. Could you tell, what org. structure in McKinsey? For example, on the foreign markets? And how frequent does it create presentations in PowerPoint?