Monday, December 05, 2005

ConceptWikis - the next step from blogging to wikis to conceptwikis

There is a development happening in the way everybody can describe his/her knowledge.

Blogs are very popular, because they allow everybody to be a publisher of their thoughts and opinions with text and video and audio and reach a worldwide audience. What it does not do, is to provide a efficient capture mechanism for knowledge to be re-used, shared and worked with.

Wikis are becoming very quickly very popular. They provide the capability of blogging, but also allow for knowledge to be very easily capture as single pages, automatically linking to eachother with keywords. One can capture thoughts similar to how one is thinking, link pages they way one remembers things, and can discover someones thoughts they way the person thought about it and captured it. What wikis do not do, is to capture the relationship between the linked pieces of information. The relationship itself is an important part of the information between two knowledge entities, like in 'ThisInformation is part of TheOtherInformation'.

ConceptWikis are the next step. Based on the ease of use of wikis, it provides the capability to capture the relationship between to pieces of wiki information, more closely representing how knowledge is formed and linked to eachother.

If you are interested in this topic and wish to learn more about it, play with it or use it for your business, please contact Stefan Lafloer at InsightKnowledge Inc.

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