Monday, September 10, 2007

What is one of the key competitive advantage of a country / large enterprise

Yes, it is innovation and knowledge. Large enterprises are like small countries, they have similar issues to consider. Generally countries only advance if they create enough strength in certain areas to make them sell more 'stuff' than others. In order to sell more stuff, one has to understand the market needs, innovate it fast, build it very cost efficient and bring it to all corners of the world to sell it quickly (before the competition catches up).

Food for thought:

- where are most innovations created today ?

- who has the most increase in basic science students ?

- who has the ability to create product fast, quick and in masses ?

There MAY BE the risk of outsourcing core competencies that a nation will not be able to learn from - since they are outsourced - which may for the time being be cost efficient, but MAY BE detrimental to the long-term development of a countries capabilities.. again.. just a thought...

Global investment in R & D shifting to India, China

Global investment in R & D shifting to India, China

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